Personal data

Name: Grigor Kolev Gatchev.

Photo: Currently not available. People that get easily scared also have browsers.  And if you piss me off some day, I may put one. Or even more.

Born: April 24, 1966. Feeling younger, however. Probably missing about seven years. Don't ask which ones, or where they are.

Never convicted. But served in the army. The ex-prisoners also say it's fun. And that without it, you can't become a man. I don't argue. It's waste of time.

Making a living by pretending to know something about computers. Some believe this, too. I'm still alive, right?

Got a lot of education, most with top grades. And of little use. Studying now in the school of life. Still not top grader, but try hard. It's fun.

Enemies - only one, but really bad. My luck. Consequently, nothing can scare me anymore. What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger. Soon I will be Hercules. A little later, probably - God Himself.


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