Winning the war for Wikileaks

Will Wikileaks win this war, if left alone? No. Their adversaries are all governments bent on obtaining authoritarian power – which includes most governments in the world. Too strong an enemy for a small volunteer organization.

Should they win this war? They should. Yes, they are not perfect. Some of their actions may raise doubts, even among some democratically minded people. However, they go against the evil in the world, and protect the good – where, when and as much as they can. So, they must be supported.

We don’t really need an organization for this. What we need is to enable all decent people who would like to help Wikileaks, to do so on their own. The combined power of all decent people is overwhelming. Look at Wikipedia, for example. If we empower everybody to help, even all the world governments will have to retreat.

There are many ways to help. Here is an idea:

Let’s create a CD with free software (bootable OS, webserver etc.), and the information published by Wikileaks. When booted, the system should check if the machine is on a public Internet IP address (by reading the harddisk data, trying DHCP etc). If no, it should say something like “I can’t help here, please take the CD off and reboot”. If yes, however, it should boot the webserver, ready to serve the CD Wikileaks mirror, and will start sending periodic signals. These signals should cause the machine being included in a Wikileaks content webserving system.

The CD may also contain a serverless P2P program, tuned to exchange only content signed by Wikileaks. In this way, it will be able to automatically refresh the information they release, and to keep it in a lot of places. This will also greatly improve the Wikileaks personnel ability to release new information while in hiding (there are a lot of assassination calls about them). And this will ensure that even if all the Wikileaks personnel are eliminated, and the adversary agents constantly close the existing servers, the network will still be alive, keeping the information released so far and including every new node booted.

The signals from the started CD system may be sent either to high-security server network, or if it is impossible to have one, to a distributed P2P network such as the one offered for the distribution of the content. (It may be another function of the same network.)

The CD ISO may be uploaded everywhere, and information about it can be spread wherever possible. Soon, we will have many thousands of new Wikileaks servers, and still newer ones will appear every hour. Getting enough of servers, and enough of adoption may finally show to some governments that they have lost the war, and to drop it. Which in turn, if it happens soon enough, may save Wikileaks (and its personnel).

For speed reason, the first versions of the CD may include only a part of the functionality. Later versions may add more.

There will probably be a lot of people willing to help in the creation of such a CD. If they combine their efforts, a better version will be produced faster than otherwise (we must hurry). If you are one of these, you may use the comment section under this post as a means to co-ordinate, until a specific coordination means are created.

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  1. Григор Says:

    Another, even more obvious idea: making an installable package able to do the same on Windows. May be either a virtualisation package that runs the described Linux ISO, or a Windows-native set of applications.

  2. scanman Says:

    Наистина да се направи за уиндоус ще е по-ефективно, потребителите са повече. Аз например, макар, че имам инсталиран линукс повечето време съм под уиндоус. Въпросът е дали не е прекалено сложно технически?

  3. Григор Says:

    @scanman: Сравнително просто е, но иска половин-един ден работа, а както винаги, точно в такъв момент задължително светът ми се е сринал на главата 🙁

  4. nohonor Says:

    You can check for public IP using STUN as well.

    Anyway, I’d love to do it, but I know very little about Linux or network programming. I hope someone comes forward, though, it sounds like a worthwhile idea.

  5. Branimer Says:

    Арестуваха го гадовете, скалъпиха му измислици и го хванаха –

  6. Григор Says:

    @nohonor: The more people do it, everyone on their own, the better.

    @Branimer: Това е война. От онези, мръсните. В които няма как да стоиш настрана – можеш само да избираш за кого да воюваш. С действието или бездействието си.

  7. Branimer Says:

    Абсолютно си прав, Гриша.

  8. nohonor Says:

    If anyone wants to make a mirror, that’s the way.

  9. haza Says:

    this is amazing.from malaysia.

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