Още спам . 2

Хе-хе. Тези юнаци май са добронамерени, но или нямат много срам, или просто никой не им е обяснил, че това не е приета и толерирана практика. (Между другото, броят на местата и хората, които изобщо не подозират с колко лошо око се гледа на спама в Мрежата, е смайващ. Още по-тъжното е, че много от тях са иначе свестни и сериозни хора. Така че съм склонен да допусна и тази възможност, въпреки че точно за София Ехо ми се вижда малко вероятна. Ако се излъжа, ще коригирам отношението си към тях.)

Както и да е. Написах им следния отговор (под него съм цитирал и техния):

As you very certainly know, I have never used any services of your website – I wasn’t aware of its existence until receiving your spam. (This can be legally proven by the logs my and your providers keep, as required by the law.) Actually, your statement constitutes a false claim about me, and thus a written offense against me, with possible legal consequences.

This address, as all other addresses in my domain, are private property, and sending unsolicited mail to them constitutes trespassing over a private property – like, for example, breaking into one’s house, or throwing unwanted objects inside it. It was added to your spamlist by whoever supports it, from scanning Web pages for published addresses – a common spammer method. A question in popular Net forums instantly found other people who never used your services, but were also spammed by you – which comes to confirm that this is the real way in which addresses are put into this list.

So, as I already noted, I am not bound to click over anything to be removed from your spamlist. You nave never been permitted by me to add my address there, on the first place. Actually, you have never even approached me with such a request (which can also be legally proved by providers logs). Take care to correct yourself this offending action of yours, or I will reserve myself the right to take further steps. These may include legal actions, contacting Net and/or other media about the case, reporting your domain to the common Bulgarian and/or world’s spammer lists, and/or other.

Please be notified that all of our interaction, including, but not limited to this correspondence, and my future actions, may, and probably will be published over the Net. As it concerns dealing with a fraudulent activity of one of the sides, it cannot be legally considered personal secret. Be advised that it is in the best of your interest to stop trespassing over my personal address space.

It seems to me that some companies are not aware that unsolicited commercial e-mail (AKA spam) is considered a violation of the Internet rules, and good manners. Everyone who has received for some time 1000 messages per day, of which less than 10 are not spam, knows how much time and resources it eats. Company managers, like me, also know how much does it cost.

For this reason, spam is generally NOT welcomed, and when you choose to use it, you should be prepared to meet a rather harsh treatment. Most of the Bulgarian e-mail providers, for example, if given a proof (like the unsolicited message you sent me, and the answer I quoted below), will block all mail from/to you. Even if I spare you, many other people would directly report your spam instead of urging you to correct your mistake. (I was already counseled to do it – you may like to see the discussion in my blog.)

So, my best and kindest advice is: drop the spamming off your activity. If you are not supporting your e-mail list yourself, and the one who supports it tells you the case is different, then you have hired the wrong people, and will probably soon know this in a way you wouldn’t like.

На 24.10.2005 09:26 написахте:

> Hello,
> You are receiving this e-mail, as you have used some of the services of the
> sofiaecho.com website. At the bottom of the mail that you received there is
> an ‘unsubscribe’ options. If you wish to stop receiving our messages just
> click there.
> Sincerely,
> Violet Farah
> Online News Editor
> Sofia Echo Media Ltd
> —– Original Message —–
> From: root
> To:
> Sent: Saturday, October 22, 2005 7:47 PM
> Subject: Remove me from your spamlist
> > I NEVER subscribed to your spamlist. Please take yourself the care to
> > unsibscribe me. This message is being sent to you 1 times. On next your
> > spam, it will be sent to you 10 times.

2 Responses to 'Още спам . 2'

  1. dimodi Says:

    Хм, всичко това е много яко и забавно, обаче в крайна сметка дали изразходваното време за писане на тия фамозни мейли оправдава усилията…. Дано да е така. Аз лично получавам в abv.bg средно по 0.5 спама да ден, просто цъквам да се изпразни spam папката и готово.

    За да има смисъл от борбата срещу спама, трябва тя да бъде по-организирана. Да речем не само Григор тука да е “и сам воинът е воин”, ами да има “заедност” (тая дума ДПС-то я измислиха 🙂 ) в акциите. Да не говорим, че и властите трябва да се отчетат с някой и друг закон срещу спама. По-влиятелни е-медии да заемат позиция по въпроса (дали имат интерес от това обаче не се знае) и т.н. и т.н… Спам индустрията винаги ще е по-мощна от някаква шепа ентусиасти – радетели за онлайн морал 🙂

  2. Григор Says:

    Не съм напълно сигурен. Шепа ентусиасти надали могат да се преборят срещу спам индустрията… но твърде много ентусиасти може и да могат! 🙂

    А твърде многото най-често тръгват от един.

    (Този един не съм аз – преди мен има много други. Просто се присъединих към тях.)

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