Apibot 0.40.4

Since the releasing of Apibot 0.40 on Jan 31, there were several minor updates. Until now, they weren’t explicitly numbered, but it finally dawned on me that the idea is not bad. So, this release will be 0.40.4. (I might have lost the exact count, but who cares?)

One of the areas that accumulated most updates was the Assembly line interface. Probably the most important among these were:

* adding many new signal modifiers, mostly in handling params and their groups
* adding database-based feeders and writers
* improving the class inheritance in some parts of the interface

Another one was restructuring the bot tree. The current one seems to be far more logical and suitable for long-turn maintenance and upgrade. It is now really easy to write and add new functionality of any kind.

I also did some work to fortify the bot against bad settings and accounts. (Though a lot more can be done.)

Finally, a staggering amount of bugs were smashed. So many that the bot is already usable for most tasks it strives to be up to. (Which is practically anything except baking cakes.) I want to thank to all who sent me bug reports. Guys, you rock!

I also have plans to create a web interface for the bot, so that even people without any PHP programming experience can use it. Unhappily, so far haven’t found the time to start working on this. Anyone who would help, with programming or financial support, is welcome. (I happily accept donations in bitcoins or litecoins – see the Apibot site for the accounts. Also, will happily develop custom-order modules for Apibot.)

For now… enjoy the beastie! 🙂

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