A Poloniex API PHP wrapper

A week ago a friend, who is interested in trading in cryptocurrencies, asked me to write for him a Poloniex trading bot.

Initially I decided to implement it over the API PHP wrapper by Compcentral. It worked like a charm, but was missing some API calls, probably added by Poloniex later. So I ended up writing my own API wrapper. It implements all API calls currently documented by Poloniex. (And adds some parameters that they haven’t documented, but can be found in their javascripts. 🙂 )

So, being my own project, this PHP API wrapper is now licensed under a free license, and available for download. Enjoy! 🙂

Of course, if someone feels this worthy of donation, I won’t refuse a bitcoin or two. 😉

(A shameless boasting: I also threw together a quick Poloniex bot of my own. Not being skilled in cryptocurrency trading, I implemented only some loaning to the margin traders. Tested it against myself – the beastie turned out better than me! 🙂 Not that I am anywhere near good lender, too – but it is pleasant when your children are smarter than you!)

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