Demonstration at the Danish Embassy

(Followup of the previous post.)

I’d offer the idea to organize a demonstration before the Danish Embassy on this topic.

Why the Danish one? The Danes are probably as disgusted by the treason of their politician as we are. And maybe some people there would take a hint and a push from this demonstration to move against him, to teach all other sellouts-to-be that this is not a serene business… Also, we have no specific EU embassy, and the Danish one is as good for this as any other EU member embassy.

The embassy may be warned in advance, and a properly written text may be submitted to the Danish parliament, through it. If voiced beforehand, it will be hard to ignore; if properly worded, it may give opportunity for an attack towards the patents lobby, and that Danish representative in particular. Other goals are achievable through it, too.

Journalists may (that is, must) be invited, of course. Bulgarian ones will do well. If possible, Danish or other friendly journalists from EU should be invited, too. FFII maybe will be able to provide help on this topic, if warned in advance.

The demonstration will also serve as a meeting and coordination place. It may be a good starting point for interaction between IT companies friendly to free software, and FS-related NGOs. And it may be a good places to exchange ideas what to do further.

It is absolutely vital that the demonstration must be completely peaceful and good-hearted. After all, the Danish people are the ones that mandated their representative to vote against the software patents. They deserve every bit of honour and kindness we can offer, and more. And this is _their_ embassy, not the embassy of their sellout representative. We must show them what _they_ deserve.

Things to do for this:

1. Choose a date and time. (And warn the muncipality about this.)
2. Talk to anyone that has to lose from the patents – mostly IT companies – and invite to join.
3. Notify FFII, ask for their media support.
4. Exchange info and try to gather supporters.
5. Give more ideas on this demonstration.

Feedback expected.

8 thoughts on “Demonstration at the Danish Embassy

  1. yovko

    Well, it seems that online campaigns are just not enought. Let’s wake up and go demonstrate offline to prevent software patents in Europe.

    Wake up, Bulgaria! Wake up!!

  2. yovko

    We should take care about the right premission from the Sofia Municipality (I think) to make a demonstration in front of the Danish Embassy!

  3. Григор

    The Danish Embassy is the candy there, our demonstration is expected to be friendly towards it. Other embassies could be potentially better to avoid…

  4. Алекс

    Any ideas about the exact day of the week to perform it? Some of us should take care of our schedule in advance… you know, getting permission for a day-off (if necessary), etc. …


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