Daily Spam

The spam could be not only the biggest Internet nuisance, but also an excellent opportunity for jokes.

Here is a (part of) the reply to a spam that I received today:

—8< --- > Lately, we obtained choveshkata.com for our development plans. But, as you are the owner of
> .net, we first decided to let you know of an opportunity to acquire this valuable .COM.

[cut several pages of descriptions of this take-it-or-die opportunity]

In principle, we do not plan to acquire choveskata.com in the foreseeable future.

However, we could understand your position. It must be a horrible financial burden to buy every free .com, .net or .org version of a domain already in use, and to pay for it for years. So, we might like to help you. In exchange of one-time payment of US$50, we will take on ourselves the ownership of choveshkata.com, and the yearly taxes associated with it.

Best regards,


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